Individual Coaching

One-day Session

The one-day coaching has the duration of about three hours. You train with one or two horses. The tasks are described on the page manager-coaching!

With this type of seminar you have the possibility of only taking one session or several sessions with a 3-4 week break. This gives you the opportunity to examine, how the experiences from the seminars, can be translated in your everyday life / work and be established.

Price for the first session 380 € (incl. VAT) and the followin 320 € (incl. VAT).


Three-day Coaching


This coaching has the duration of three days, one session of approx. three hours per day. Please see tasks of training session on the manager-coaching page.


In this intensiv working atmosphere you have the opportunity to immediately transform and develope the learned / experienced.


Day 1. arrival and first session in the afternoon

Day 2: second session in the morning

Day 3: third session in the morning, then departure

Price € 970 (incl. VAT)

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