silent language

Employees’ behavioural and communication skills can have a major impact on the success of any business. If members of a team communicate well with each other, the company can operate more effectively. That’s why good leadership and communication skills are essential to successful teamwork.


Clear and goal-orientated communication is often lacking. People can have a negative impact on each other either intentionally or unintentionally. Horses never do. Horses reveal their state of mind through their body language and in how they relate to us, their opposite number.


Learning through the relationship with a horse is a very old tradition. For thousand of years, great leaders have learned intelligent leadership from working with their horses.


The silent language that comes from communication with horses allows managers to analyse and improve  their own leadership style. For instance, it is easier to appreciate the impact of gestures that managers may subconsciously use through equine-assisted coaching. Managers learn about understanding their team, identifying issues quickly and building confidence, which all helps to improve their team’s performance. The non-biased, objective feedback that working with the horses provides, helps you to learn about the image you project to other people.


We offer two types of equine-assisted coaching:

  • Individual Coaching - intensive work with one or two horses targeting your personal leadership style 

  • Group Coaching - working with two horses in a group with a maximum of 4 people


There is no riding involved. You walk through exercises in leading the horse and negotiating an obstacle cours